The Bow Tie Model and Dropped Objects: Risk Management's Comprehensive Approach The bow tie model serves as a pivotal tool in risk management, offering insights into managing specific risks. In the industrial context of dropped objects, this model provides a holistic perspective on potential causes, preventive actions, and resulting consequences. Understanding the DROPS Bow Tie Structure At its core, the bow tie model mirrors its namesake. The central knot symbolizes the undesired event or hazar...
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Galvanic Corrosion and DROPS

Bolt rusted by Galvanic Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion: The Overlooked Risk of Dropped Objects in Industries Galvanic corrosion, often discussed in material science contexts, has direct and sometimes overlooked implications for industries: the risk of dropped objects. When different metals, such as steel and aluminum, come into contact in moist environments, the aluminum, being more reactive, starts to corrode, while the steel remains largely unaffected. Imagine a steel machine with an aluminum certification plate riveted onto it...
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