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The DROPS Metaverse is an initiative by the DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) Asia Chapter to create a forward-looking learning and collaboration platform in Virtual Reality.

Using a VR headset, windows or mac, you can enter a multiplayer 3D environment which has been curated for you to learn all about dropped object hazard prevention. Using a customized avatar, you will be able to navigate various scenarios to experience the impact of dropped objects, identify potential hazards, and learn about the various best practices for prevention. During our regular events, you can use the same avatar to meet with industry professionals just as if you were at a trade show.

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DROPS Metaverse Apps

For the best experience, download the DROPS Metaverse on the Oculus Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2. Don’t have VR device yet? Explore the environments on your Windows or MAC computer.

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May 28 @ 14:0015:00 UTC+8

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June 25 @ 14:0015:00 UTC+8

A monthly call for Drilling Contractors, Energy Companies and Major services partners in the Wells Community. Kindly sponsored by our DROPS Asia st […]



September 10 @ 2:0015:00 UTC+8

The DROPS Asia Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and serves as a network to stimulate cross company collaboration around the subject of dropped ob […]

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Don't Let it fall, Stop Dropped Objects, Save Lives!


March 29, 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm SMT
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Don’t Let it Fall: Live book reading with Arnold Marsden

March 29, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm SMT

In a recent DROPS Asia LinkedIn webinar, we interviewed Arnold Marsden, author of DON’T LET IT FALL: Stop Dropped Objects, Save Lives.

Arnold had worked as a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) professional for over 35 years. His last role was Global Dropped Objects Focal Point, aiming to reduce serious near misses. He helped businesses worldwide share best practices, driving improvement. Consequently, high-risk dropped objects fell by over 30% in two years.

Previously, he was HSE Manager on multi-billion-dollar global projects. Collaborating with partners worldwide, he prevented harm in projects with serious hazards. He observed diverse leaders’ safety skills and coached them to become effective safety leaders.

Arnold enjoyed sharing knowledge, learning, and helping others improve. After retiring, he continued networking, coaching, and writing books like DON’T LET IT FALL.

This book was Arnold’s first publication, and he was finishing his second book on safety leadership.

After the webinar, we invited attendees to join us in the DROPS Metaverse for networking with Arnold and other participants.


Watch the Recording of Don’t Let it Fall

From Amazon: Don’t Let it Fall

Dropped (or falling) objects are one of the leading sources of injuries and deaths in the workplace. If you STOP dropped objects, you SAVE LIVES. The subtitle says it all.

Safety is the hardest thing you do! Team leaders to CEO’s have the massive responsibility to ensure every member of their team or workforce goes home unharmed every single day.

Sure, it’s hard. Nearly anything can fall for many different reasons, and few detailed regulations currently exist. It’s actually several difficult problems packaged as one. But don’t let that scare you away; plenty of others have made significant improvements. You can too.

Don’t Let it Fall: Stop Dropped Objects, Save Lives is the first detailed look at the vast scope of the dropped objects challenge. You will learn:

  • Why the problem is so difficult
  • The potential risk of dropped objects.
  • The different types of dropped objects
  • Controls to prevent the different types of dropped objects
  • How to apply your HSE Management System to bolster these controls
  • Where else to go for help
  • What you can do in your role to prevent harm from dropped objects

If you are looking for 5 Easy Steps to Eliminate Dropped Objects in 30 Days, keep searching. If you want to create sustainable changes that will make a real difference to real people, read this book and roll up your sleeves. What else are you doing that is more important?

While this book is focused on Dropped Objects by design, many of the leadership concepts and systems described can also reduce injuries from other hazards.